Aloha & Velkomin.

Founded in 2001, Schwalbenliebe still stands for craftsmanship and passion.
Originally as a graphic label to give my learned profession the necessary leeway and to enjoy creative freedom, it has now become a fusion of profession & vocation.

I design fashion. With the pen, with the tray. I sew prototypes.
With one of my beloved collectible sewing machines, which all carry their own history.
I construct cuts over many axes and with 100 parameters, grading & layout instructions that are far from mainstream.

& everything as I am. The Rock'N'Roll dances in my heart, in my eyes I see female silhouettes and shapely dresses and everything I pair with old craftsmanship - for which I like to learn new things.

With me you will receive self-designed patterns, accessories, instructions & plotter files. Every cut is designed and worn with Heart.blood, because schwalbenliebe is real. Everything in style and with a touch of the 50s.

Feminine, cuddly & special.
Because if we are honest - we all are special.

I expanded my passion for the fashion & music of the 50s with 20 and honestly I have to admit that the fashion of the 40s also did me good, I often love Icelandic fashion. I have grown up without neglecting my child in me - my husband can sing a song of it.
I dance extensively, now wear gold & love petrol and black.

My hobby is cooking. Point.
It is the greatest and the most beautiful passion.
To be able to cook without time windows & dates is
LUXUS and makes you crazy happy.

& I like to dream, have ideas and plans.

Because dreams are a first step to something big and so before I put the tailor's scissors in my logo, I first learned how to cut a whole year, voluntarily attended a beautiful accounting course to fall asleep and wrote a concrete business plan. Meanwhile I am in phase 2 according to the plan.
That means. My expertise in pattern construction stands on firm legs and has learned from the experiences of recent years. I would like to improve & implement my many ideas and plans stylistically confidently and systematically.

My studio and sewing school are located in the heart of Potsdam.
My retreat, my workplace & my perfect world in which I feel at home like on clouds.

Where it goes. To more fashion based on the 50s & an excursion.
In my beloved north. But more about that when it's ready to be said.


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    schwalbenliebe® ist Teil der Die Ebookmacher & hier warten viele wundervolle Aktionen rund um das Nähen, den Austausch und das respektvolle Miteinander auf Sie.


    Ein Sewalong macht immer mehr Freude und das gemeinsame Nähen bringt nicht nur Freude, sondern. macht auch Mut sich an Neues zu wagen. Hier finden sie alle aktuellen Inforamtionen dazu.