passion & sense

Today you can get fashion easy and fast. We could call it fastfashion.
Dressing up in a stylish way is also a challenge.
There are full fashion temples.
Cheap goods. Bargain & the Internet.
There is everything in abundance.
Badly fitting cuts, with stinking fibers, washed out colors, poisonous materials, unrealistic prices and inhuman conditions in the production of these.

I only participate to a limited extent.
I like to observe wonderful people with well-fitting cuts and great wardrobes, I also like to touch them sometimes, but little disappears.
The desire on it disappears. Also on the fast shopping.

So self-stitched clothing can do more? Ye
It can express you, help you out perfectly and underline, flatter you, make you proud & often it is more valuable.
More durable. Because you know exactly how often you have gone over this one seam.

It is more sustainable.
It can reflect epochs & styles that are no longer on vouge & it needs more time.

& time is it at the end, which we invest in a self-made garment.
That is exactly what makes it so valuable.

& I sew because I would like to give myself time and a clean stitch on the machine makes me heartbreakingly happy.

My cuts should always give you knowledge, inspire you and set you on a new level. My philosophy behind my label stands for discovery. Fashion in itself, which you may never have worn before, femininity and self-confidence in all sizes. She should encourage you to exist as a lady and still be strong in your heart.

And she should fit every woman, make her happy and proud.